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Smart Watches Just Got Smarter

In case you missed this: A heady showcase of blockchain at the China Hi-Tech Fair. [...]

When the Hunter becomes the Hunted

I was introduced to a strange looking “honeypot” contract on Etherscan recently. […]

Any Legal Obligations Post-ICO?

The public needs to be convinced that you weren’t just putting lipstick on the pig. […]

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Seize The Opportunities

Everything from huge datasets to literally anything that is of value can be secured into the blockchain. The applications of this technology are endless. Never before has the global digital community been so excited about something so disruptive since the dawn of the Internet.

Neutralize The Risks

The birth of any new tech movement can often times be messy and confusing. You want a partner to make sense of it, in simple terms. And there are risks. What you thought is a gold mine could turn out to be a land mine. How can you tell what is safe when there are so many scams out there?

Adapt To New Compliances

You know that the game is changed not when the rules are changed, but when there are no rules. Such is the crypto-world of blockchain. But this too will change. From profiling, to taxation, to audit, to new controls and new boundaries – it helps to be prepared and not be caught unaware.

An Irresistible Force Meets An Impregnable Object

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