About Celebrus

Who Are These Guys?

Celebrus Advisory is a bespoke and compliance-first consultancy for blockchain development and business tokenization. While we believe that blockchain will help you unlock the future digital economy, we want to help you get there the right way without taking shortcuts or skipping due diligence. This is where we make a stand, and in so doing, we unwittingly stand out from others.

What’s With The Name?

It took us a few hours to come up with the name Celebrus which is a Latin word for being “rich in respect”. The operative word is not “rich” but “respect”, which is not measured by what we gain but what we often have to say “no” to.

Fun fact: Occasionally the name gets mixed up with a mythical creature called Cerberus that guards the gates of hell, but it helps to note that one is celebrated and the other is condemned!

Your Logo Looks Trite!

Yep. Though it is actually a trigram used in the classical texts of I-Ching. The three lines refer to the creative gifts that come from heaven! Incidentally these three lines appear in the simplified Chinese character for “rich or abundant” (丰 fēng). Now you know ?

How Did You Start?

The year was 2012, back in the wee days of crypto. Our founder created a social platform called BitcoinMalaysia.com that has grown into the nation’s largest and most established community to date. An idea was born to spin off a consulting firm to nurture the industry, and it finally came to be after some time.

Is This Even a Real Job?

Our projects are mostly international these days, and very diverse. We work with budding innovators and entrepreneurs in software technology and heavy industries, as well as financial service providers and alternative trading systems, with cutting edge business delivery models.

We love our jobs even though it doesn’t feel like one!