Global Testimonials

“The Top 10 blockchain technology consulting or services companies in Asia Pacific for 2019!”

APAC CIO OUTLOOK, Silicon Valley-based Trade Journal for CIOs and CTOs

“One of the most professional consultancy firms related to blockchain and cryptocurrency in the region”

SINEGY, Malaysia’s Top Digital Assets and Fintech Platform

“Has the ability to research deeply into different types of problems, providing us with the required insight on how we could approach them.”

ETHERSCAN, The World’s Leading Ethereum Block Explorer

“A true leader who can bring together talents and lead them towards achieving goals with a strong sense of belonging and professionalism.”

GLT LAW, Member of Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

“These guys know what they are talking about. There are a lot of amateurs out there but they are the real deal.”

ELMER FRANCISCO, Special Advisor to Philippines Economic Zone Authority

“I think they are one of the best teams around! Impressed with their seamless and multi-disciplinary delivery.”

LEX FUTURUS, Russia-Based Blockchain Legal Advisory

“Able to provide pragmatic approach to problems, and communicates well with both the technical team and business.”

SHENZHEN BLOCKCHAIN R&D, China’s Leading Blockchain Application Research Center

“Malaysian technopreneurs in this space are a force to be reckoned with – like with Celebrus today.”

ACCESS BLOCKCHAIN, Industry Association for Malaysia and ASEAN Region

“Fast and effective. They clearly knew what we wanted, understood our concerns, and delivered in good time.”

COINEDGE, Global Marketplace for Decentralized Finance

“A reliable and outcome-focused partner that continues to help us make headway in this strategic region.”

POLYMATH, Pioneer of the International Security Token Standard

Recent Assignments

Capital Formation

How do you scale the world’s fastest supercomputer?

General Advisory

High performance data centers are a unique asset class fusing property-and-tech and prized for their strategic national interest. So when the time comes to expand, novel options are on the table.

Market Integrity

The world’s “cleanest” crypto exchange makes its mark

Risk Management

Curate a set of trading rules to deter manipulative activity, and operational disciplines to run a tight and transparent market – all in conformity with the local regulatory framework that applies.

Mobile Money

The world’s largest unbanked populace meets crypto

Tech Development

Pan-continental super app for on-demand services launches in Nigeria and 30 greenfield markets across Africa, with the infra of a multi-currency conversion and Stellar-based stablecoin platform. 

Blockchain Applications

Personal Mobility

Smarten up your vehicle of choice with green energy

Tech Development

One of the world’s very first electric car projects on crypto led by a joint venture in Singapore and Vietnam, and listed in Gibraltar. We designed the blockchain infrastructure, token, network, and application.

Mass Transit

Imagine public transport, new and fully electrified

General Advisory

A local household name and multi-decade business performs a Reverse ICO for private placement, and becomes the first security token to be successfully registered with the local SEC authorities.

Last Mile Delivery

Let the guy next door connect all the dots for you

Tech Development

An innovative peer-to-peer solution for urban logistics now enlisted by ICON a.k.a. Korean Ethereum. It is supported by a vital decentralized community of various stakeholders with cohesive tokenomics.

Energy Market

How power is sold and distributed could radically change

Business Consulting

Federal agency explores and assesses blockchain technology for the efficient and sustainable consumption of energy in a workshop facilitated by external subject matter experts.

Postal Service

Onchain solution for practical pain points in shipping

Business Consulting

National courier seeks out the best blockchain practices for origin trail and consignment tracking, in a brainstorming session that roped in heavyweights like Omise, Cardano, Bloktex and us.

Food Production

The benefits of agritech, coming to a table near you

Tech Development

An increasing number of projects are now looking at blockchaining the farm-to-fork process, from supply chain to food safety to provenance tagging. We make a diagnosis to see how the tech fits.

Virtual Land

Conquer and colonize planet earth all over again

Tech Development

Crypto collectibles and gaming have taken the industry by storm, and this is the latest novelty. All land space are thoroughly mapped and tokenized for simulation, bidding, geolocation and so on.

Digital Lending

Your personality can become your credit passport

General Advisory

Psychometric scores are the new passkey for lending to the unbanked segment. Combining AI, blockchain, and P2P data sharing, this project sets itself apart with an established working business model.

Loyalty Programs

Infinitely redeem points for anything under the sun

Business Consulting

Vanguard and pioneer to enable all the various loyalty rewards you own to be fungible, interoperable, and convertible to one another, including the major global airlines, hotels and services.

Marketplace Platforms

Global Exchange

Contemporize a fresh new universal platform for trading

Business Consulting

Two foremost exchanges slash ATM producers based in the Far East seek help in rebranding, turnaround, and aggressive global expansion in the cutting edge and cutthroat world of crypto finance.

Market Entry

Setting boundaries and governance for a boundless industry

Risk Management

A top global coin-to-coin platform, which has held #1 spot on a few occasions per Coin Market Cap rankings, consults us on local ATS application, STO registration process and so forth.

On-Off Ramps

A new age of financial inclusion for the masses

Risk Management

Exchanges with fiat pairs that need the full gamut of compliance come to us for AML-CFT policy setting, proper KYC onboarding procedures with CDD plus EDD, and reporting obligations as well.

Industry Development

Technical Standards

Formalizing the token protocol for all financial securities

Tech Development

We are part of the global Security Token Standard network, and the Committee Lead for Research and Technical Standards of ACCESS, the state recognized body for industry interests across ASEAN.

Regulatory Education

Towards industry advancement and public interest

General Advisory

Conduct seminars for the training arm of Securities Commission (SIDC); speeches for events supported by government agencies, and even represented the industry at the United Nations!

Thought Leadership

Sound ideas are the new currency of a young industry

Thought Leadership

Arguably one of the richest trove of legal, reg and tech opinions in this region. Our partner GLT, is member of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, a fraternity of 140 major law firms.

Legislative Research

Landmark national regulatory report on blockchain tech

Risk Management

Led by the prestigious Law Faculty of University of Malaya, this is a seminal textbook covering key issues. We gave a guest lecture, formed part of the focus group and reviewed legal findings.

Safe Harbor

Asia Pacific’s first special economic zone for crypto

Risk Management

We were roped in as one of the keynote presenters for the launch of Cagayan Economic Zone Area (CEZA) in the Philippines. This model has since become a standard bearer for regulators worldwide.

Security Hacks

Introducing the full set of ‘Capture the Ether’ solutions

Tech Development

Our idea of fun in our free time is to spend days on end to find break-through solutions for esoteric challenges on blockchain security. And then post them publicly online. You’re welcome 🙂