Our lead developer Caleb Lau sprung out of left field and landed at 6th place. Applause!

The Consensys Diligence team headed to Paris for its Ethereum Community Conference this year from the 5th to 7th March (or EthCC 2019), one of the most anticipated events for the international Ethereum community.

What’s exciting is that the event hosts a competitive Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge, prepared by Consensys Diligence together with its partners each representing frontier areas of innovation like privacy enablement on dApps (HellHound), blockchain powered dispute resolution layer (Kleros), and cybersecurity (Trail of Bits). The CTF involves in-depth smart contract and cryptography hacks, where teams race against time to get themselves the highest score by the end of the event.

A total of 27 teams around the world participated in the CTF. Celebrus Advisory, led by Caleb Lau under the team name Enigmatic joined the fun and came in at 6th place! It is a humbling honour to be able to stand amongst the brightest and most talented minds out there!

Here is the scoreboard: