An epilogue of the dozens of interesting questions and answers during the webinar.

by Edmund Yong

Pursuant to the webinar, we submitted the following petition on 15 November 2021 to the Securities Commission Malaysia for (1) regulatory clarity on #NFT given its default status as ‘securities’ and (2) to have a compliant criminal-free marketplace for investors. This was supported by several key crypto industry leaders. After all, it is our civic duty to make our voices heard as part of investor activism (SC Capital Market Masterplan 3 Ch 4).

Looks like we’re in good company too. Similar questions on DeFi were being asked in the Parliament the day before. During this period, the IMF made a plea citing urgent need for regulators to create level certainty, not long after the CFTC said crypto needs clearer rules ahead of its Congress hearing.

You can click here to view the petition which was co-signed by several industry leaders.