Celebrus supports the global ERC1400 standard and its formalized community.

Security tokens are poised to become the default form for all financial securities. The digitalization of asset ownership with security tokens will form the backbone of finance 3.0 driving innovation, adoption and accessibility across the financial sector. Security tokens offer the benefit of bringing significant transparency over traditional paper shares through the use of blockchain technology and public ledgers.

Without a uniform international standard, security tokens could never be adopted in a meaningful way as issuers, investors, KYC providers, wallets, exchanges, regulators and developers cannot work together within the same framework. All participants in the ecosystem need to speak the same language and become confident building on this new and exciting technology.

The ERC 1400 – Security Token Standard (and its related ERC 1410  – Partially Fungible Token Standard) is a proposed benchmark that incorporates differentiated ownership, error signalling, document references, gate keeper (operator) access control and issuance / redemption semantics. It has since moved out of beta and into a community formalized ERC, supported and endorsed by a large number of projects from across the crypto ecosystem and traditional security market participants.

Celebrus Advisory proudly supports this important development and endeavours to do its part as a member of this community to bring the innovation forward.

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