Amidst lockdown, our cofounder joins the global panel to discuss security issues.

by Edmund Yong

We conducted a round of national webinars on “Investing in Crypto Assets”, as part of the Investor Education & Capacity Building series for SIDC (the training arm of Securities Commission Malaysia) on three dates below. Admission was free to the public with certificate of participation given at the end of the session.

Nov 24, 2020: view program at

Dec 1, 2020: view program at

Dec 9, 2020: view program at

“Investing in Crypto Assets” with SIDC is the first retail investor focused education programme in Malaysia that aims to educate the masses regarding all they need to know when investing in the four approved crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin & Ripple). The initiative is supported by the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF).

The program states: One-year since the Securities Commission regulated this space, the public is still unknowingly falling prey to schemes and scams. This has been exacerbated by the economic impacts of Covid-19. Hence, there is an opportunity to fill this awareness gap amongst the general public when it comes to investing in crypto assets. And with the increasing involvement of institutional investors in crypto assets, this could present itself as a watershed moment for retail investors.