Timely sound bites on Nov 17, 2020 a few days prior to Ethereum 2.0’s major launch.

by Caleb Lau

Moonstake invited our founding member Caleb Lau for a webinar about staking on Ethereum 2.0. Click here for the media coverage in Yahoo! Finance and Whatech. (PS: We couldn’t get hold of any recording apart from Japanese transcripts for a Japanese audience.)

The event was jointly held by BeaconScan, an Ethereum 2.0 block explorer by Etherscan. BeaconScan tracks validations made on the Beacon Chain and provides features familiar to Etherscan users such as the Watchlist, a personalized dashboard and multi-device login access. On top of being a block explorer, BeaconScan.com is also Ethereum 2.0’s first independent monitoring service.